Introduction, SAS, viewing files

  1. You should read the SAS Introductory Guide and familiarize yourself with using SAS on the Faculty network. This will help you learn how to :

  2. Learn how to use the HTML viewer (what you are using to read this !!) (Firefox,IE et al) to browse these documents, print them, save them to a file so that you can take out the SAS data and code from examples to run through SAS for yourself and see the results.

  3. Look at the various SAS examples and code and familiarise yourself with the meaning of each SAS statement (in PROC REG, PROC IML, PROC MEANS, PROC UNIVARIATE and PROC GLM). Manuals for SAS for the main PROCedures and language statements are available and On-Line.

  4. These techniques will subsequently aid you in 'surfing' the Internet/World Wide Web; if you are not already doing so.

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